My Experience When Collaborating With My Friends For an Event

Name : Vivin Widya Ningrum

NIM : 195410207

Class : Informatika 4



My name is Vivin Widya Ningrum, here I will tell you about my experience when collaborating with my friends for an event. The role of my friend and I in this event is as a documentation committee. When we had our first meeting, we were given the task of documenting each meeting. So, we divide the tasks for each meeting are divided alternately. We as the documentation committee also make designs for the purposes of the event. I did an assignment for editing a promotion video and my friend made the design for the event.

Even though the house is quite far away, we still maintain good communication in order to create good results for this event. Once upon a time, my friend couldn’t attend a meeting because it was raining at that time. So, I replaced my friend to attend the meeting. My friend sends the data that has been done and what has not been done, and then I deliver it at the meeting. For the documentation committee, there are four people, but the other two people are not active in participating in this event. So, my friend and I managed everything that was needed and done together.

And on the day of the event, only three people were present for the committee where the documentary was present. So, we divided the task into three, where two people documenting photos and one person documenting video. After the event is over, all committees conduct an evaluation for each committee. From this experience of collaborating I became closer to myself and more understanding of each other.

So, a few stories about my experience when collaborating with my friends and Thank you:)